How to Grow a Healthy Container Garden

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How to Grow a Healthy Container Gardenby adminlawncareon.How to Grow a Healthy Container GardenThe space and landscape needed to grow an outdoor garden is sometimes limited when living in a big city. Container gardens are a great solution for people that want a garden but have trouble finding suitable outdoor space and soil. Container gardens can create a beautiful and natural sanctuary on a busy city street, on […]

Container Garden with Plant PotsThe space and landscape needed to grow an outdoor garden is sometimes limited when living in a big city. Container gardens are a great solution for people that want a garden but have trouble finding suitable outdoor space and soil. Container gardens can create a beautiful and natural sanctuary on a busy city street, on rooftops and on apartment or building balconies. Gardeners can easily accentuate the comforting and natural look of a deck or patio area with vibrant and color rich pots of annuals or fill their window boxes with gorgeous shrub roses or any number of small sized perennials. It is up to the gardener or home owner to decide how to arrange their pots of plants. Some container gardeners choose to arrange them in a group for a massed or dense effect and others highlight a smaller space with a single specimen that will become the focus. Creating a container garden that is full of healthy plants can be a simple process.

Container gardens add color to homes and their surroundings and provide a natural look to outdoor and indoor spaces. Plants and flowers come in a variety of colors enabling the gardener to act like a decorator in choosing which color scheme best represents their style and décor. Furthermore plants grow to be different sizes therefore providing an element of depth to the garden. Gardeners should consider the shape and texture of the plants and leaves to ensure their garden appears harmonized. Tall strap or spear like plant leaves will give a good vertical background to smaller low growing and wide leaved plants. Selecting the right plants takes some research and it may be best to pick plants with a long flowering season or have others of a different type on standby to replace them as they finish blooming. Blooming plants and flowers add true beauty to any container garden.

Experimenting and being creative when planting container gardens is vital to long term success and identify what mixture of plants best suites the style of the home owner.  Gardeners should be creative when deciding on the perfect container to house the plants and flowers. An old porcelain bowl, handmade clay pottery or a copper urn could be used for the container. Some home owners even use homemade containers using timber or tiles.  Others decide to buy their containers ready-made and use terracotta pots that look wonderful but these types of containers tend to absorb water. It is important to avoid letting the plants to dry out because it will be harmful to their health. If terracotta pots are used paint their interior with a special sealer available from most hardware stores to block water absorption.

Some gardeners use more inexpensive and cheaper plastic pots that can also be painted on the outside with water based paints for sealing or perhaps to create a more decorative and attractive container. It is important not to forget to buy matching saucers to catch the drips when purchasing pots. An accompanying saucer is just as important as the container that will house the plants and flowers. This will additionally protect and preserve cement floors from getting stained or timber floors rotting.

Natural wood planters can be used to house plants while making an outdoor space look more elegant. Some natural wood planters are chemical, costing, plastic and paint free which makes them environmentally safe options that provide a natural appeal. Like plastic containers planters made of cedar and other natural woods can come in various shapes and sizes. Some gardening enthusiasts may decide to make their own custom planter boxes but the option to have them professionally made is available and may be easier and provide better quality than a do it yourself job. Natural wood planters may be more expensive than plastic pots but some gardeners and homeowners will find the added appeal and natural look worth the value. Natural wood planter boxes may last longer than some other containers providing a longer term value.

a Healthy Container Garden

It is essential to always use a good quality potting mixture in the growing containers to ensure the best health and environment possible for the plants. Fertilizers, plant food and peat moss may be good items to mix into the soil to give it additional nutrients. It is important not to apply too much fertilizer to soil because overuse can damage the plant roots.

The placement of a container garden makes a difference. An attractive and gorgeous potted plant hung over each doorway will delight visitors and accentuate the space. Inside the home pots of plants and flowers help to create a welcoming atmosphere and environment. Deciding ahead of time where the plants should be positioned will help to ensure the right plants are purchased for that particular space. If the area is small then smaller growing plants might make more sense than larger shrubs. Furthermore there is no point in purchasing plants that require a good amount of sunlight for an area that is mainly shady. Placing the wrong plants in the wrong areas will cause them harm and inhibit their growth. Some plants and flowers have large roots and are best kept for the open garden instead of a container garden. For gardeners that have plenty of space at their front door a group of potted plants off to one side will have a greater visual appeal than two similar plants placed on each side. Aesthetics plays a major role in how the container garden will accentuate the space it occupies.

Grouping the pots in odd numbers rather than even and varying the height and type will make the garden appear exciting. To tie the group of plants and flowers together add large rocks or stones that are similar in appearance and slightly different in size. Adding three to five pots of the same type and color in varying sizes will create an attractive and interesting look. With a creative mind and some determination gardeners will soon have a container garden that will become the envy of their friends, family and pedestrians passing by their home. Following a few simple tips will assist in creating the perfect container garden for any home indoor or outdoor space.

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